Office 365

August 19, 2019

Crash Course in Office 365: How it Can Help You Grow Your Business

How can @Office365 help you grow your business?

Learn how to coauthor a document with anyone in real time and use the power of AI to create more impactful content with less effort. At Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers, we can help you increase productivity with #Office365.

Contact us to learn how your team can increase their productivity and #GetModern today….

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August 6, 2019

Exposing the Top 4 Myths of Cloud Security

Security breaches and their business impact make the headlines frequently, underscoring the need for more stringent security.

In fact, 74% of IT leaders say security concerns are what holds them back from moving to the #cloud. What is the reality?

Get the real story from this eBook on four common myths about cloud security and #MSCloud facts. To get started, contact us to have your questions answered about Windows 10 and Office 365 solutions from Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers….

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August 5, 2019

Increase Productivity and Security with Windows and Office

According to @BCG, 61% of employees believe effective business tools are vital to offering faster services. Work smarter, not harder. Protect your everyday business, while saving time and resources.

With #Windows 10 and #Office365, you can increase productivity, ensure security, and reduce cost. Get modern with Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers and Microsoft….

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July 15, 2019

Office 365 keeps your business compliant – around the clock

Data security is a very serious and very personal concern for your customers. With Microsoft 365, you can show your customers your genuine commitment to their data security.

Microsoft is confident and committed to its security solutions. They offer phone support for critical issues 24/7 that can be taken all the way up to the Office 365 development team, depending on your subscription. You can feel confident with the support you need to keep your customer data secure.

At Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers, we want to help your business build strong trust with your customers. Contact us to learn more….

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July 3, 2019

Office 365 Security Best Practices

Thanks to the free security add-on we offer from SherWeb, Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers can maximize the security of your Office 365 subscription. Turning it on is as easy as activating 7 security settings….

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July 2, 2019

Your Data is Safe with Office 365

As a small business owner, we know you wear a lot of hats. One of the most difficult and yet most important is that of security manager. With threats constantly evolving, it can be stressful to embrace new technologies with confidence. Is the benefit worth the risk and headache?

When you switch to Office 365, you can pass the role of security expert on to Microsoft, who use their expansive resources and experience to provide you with top-notch security that stays ahead of the latest threats all while enjoying freedom and flexibility that comes with operating your business on the cloud.

Don’t delay any longer, contact us to get started….

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June 25, 2019

The total economic impact of Microsoft Office 365 threat intelligence

When it comes to deciding how much money to dedicate to security, schools may feel caught between balancing budget and peace of mind.

At Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers, we don’t believe you should have to make that choice. By reducing complexity with a single, strong defense like Microsoft Threat Intelligence, you can actually save your school valuable dollars and your IT professionals valuable hours. A Forrester economic impact study estimated an average of 27,000 IT hours saved due to improved threat detection and response rates.

Take back the choice. Contact us to learn more….

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June 24, 2019

Microsoft 365 Office Flyer

Customers expect transparency from every company they do business with. It’s important to have the right IT solution that makes privacy, security, and transparency easy, especially with a growing number of cyberthreats.

At Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers, we want our customers to be more secure than ever, safeguarded against cybercriminals and cyberattacks. We can help you integrate solutions with proactive capabilities and anomaly detection policies. Together, we can ensure that all your devices are protected. Contact us today to learn more….

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Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365

With a changing user base and an ever-shifting threat landscape, our higher education institutions are particularly vulnerable to attack, especially on the email battlefront.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection can act as an extension of your own security team. With a system that is actively monitoring over 6.5 trillion signals per day, this team member has a wide breadth of knowledge about the latest phishing and other email attacks.

Your IT department is not alone. At Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers, we want to help you connect with the rest of your team….

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June 19, 2019

5 Reasons for Moving to Office 365

Why move Office 365to the cloud? Get 5 good reasons from the eBook: 5 Reasons for Moving to Office 365. Download it free then contact us to learn how Cartridge World of Prescott & Tekamba Computers can help you take the next step….

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